This week we focused on the fable ‘The Little Red Hen’. We looked at and compared a few original stories along with a new alternative version, ‘The Little Green Hen’, by Alison Murry, this time with an important environmental message, however, all with the same moral.

A lot of fun was had in The Little Red Hen’s kitchen as the children baked up a feast of loaves, bread rolls and baguettes. So good were these freshly baked goods that the children were eager to share, carrying them into the classroom wearing oven mitts – safety first!

The farm in the letter room was very popular, as was the story tray. The children retold and re-enacted the fable and created their own versions using various farm characters.

There was great excitement on Wednesday. Miss Tidey came back bringing Wren, now two months old, to meet the children along with a long line of FH staff wishing to meet her too.

During the week everyone took part cutting up apples and rolling out pastry to make a delicious apple tart each to take home.