On Monday, the morning children visited St James’s Park for our ‘Budding Twitches’ outing. We took a moment to stop and look at Buckingham Palace before walking around the park. There was great excitement as we watched the Guards Band followed by the Household Cavalry along the Mall. We saw many water birds and their young before sitting down for our picnic. We had time to race around on the grass before continuing more bird spotting.

Using the children’s spring term folders, we reflected back at the topics we have covered this term. We ended this theme by reading the book ‘Recycling’, by Lorna Freytag. We discussed why we need to look after our planet and what small changes we can make to help save and heal it – a thread that has gently weaved itself throughout much of our topic this term. This message has clearly resonated with the children – comments overheard: ‘We can’t take too much fish’, ‘We need to clean the beaches or sea animals will swallow them and get sick’, ‘They will die’, ‘Recycle!’, ‘We need to picks up the rubbish and put it in the right bins’, ‘Left and right’, ‘If we cut down trees, the animals won’t have any homes’, ‘If we cut down all the trees, we won’t have air’. ‘If we take trees, we have to make more’. They want to play their part in helping!

The children are very excited and proud to bring their summer term folders home today. Please take the time to go through them with your children – it is a treasury of creativity, which highlights what we have focused on this term.

Miss Caviglia, Miss Tidey, Miss Wilkinson and myself would like to say goodbye and have a wonderful summer. To those who are leaving us, we wish you all the best in Reception. For those returning, we look forward to seeing you all again in September!