This week we focused on ‘Forests’. We looked at woodland forests and rainforests and spoke about how important these areas are in the world. Not only for the many amazing, animals, birds and insects that it is inhabited by, but also for us as, forests are the lungs of our planet! We discussed what the ways in which we can protect our planet, such as using less paper, recycling, and if we can, plant more trees. A little help can make a big difference!

Under the stairs, our ‘nook’ became a rainforest where the children enjoyed our current ‘English tropical weather’ with a few of the exotic Amazon residents.

In the number room, nine leaves were counted out and added to handprint trees and homes were created for a few of our British forest dwellers.

It was a busy time at the zebra sanctuary, where animal families lived alongside each other in harmony. A dazzle of zebras were drawn this week as each child created their own to match with the phonic sound ‘z’.