We started this fun and busy week with Pet Day! There was great excitement as a variety of pets were paraded, from dogs to cats, various rodents and a giant snail.

Keeping with the animal theme, Nursery were invited to see the ducklings that Reception have been caring for since they hatched last week.

This week we focused on ‘Oceans’. Using the globe, we could see how much of the earth is covered with water. We looked at some of the incredible creatures that live in our oceans and spoke about of the importance of protecting them and their habitats. We discussed what we could do to help protect our oceans, from reusing and recycling and tidying up after ourselves when we visit the beach.

Under the stairs, our ‘nook’ became an ocean with a few of the wonderous creatures that live in it.

Outside, shoes and socks came off so we could experience a wet and wild time playing with a mixture of more sea creatures.

We discovered how amazing octopuses are whilst reading ‘Tickly Octopus’, by Ruth Gallaway. With lashings of glue and collage resources, everyone made their own and very individual eight-armed octopus.

In the letter room, doctors discussed their findings as they pondered over patients x-rays in the radiology department.

Inside the children’s bags, there is something special they have made for their fathers. We wish you all a wonderful weekend celebrating our dad’s on Sunday.