This week the children were introduced to our new topic ‘Our World’ with the book ‘Dear Earth’ by Isabel Otter.

We discussed which city we live in and explained that London is in England, which is in Europe. The children were introduced to the seven continents and their names with the help of the catchy song ‘Continents, Continents, Do You Know Your Continents?’. We took turns to share with the class which continent our parents come from and which ones the children may have visited.

The children had enormous fun in our ‘nook’ under the stairs, packing for, piloting and traveling around the world in the FH British Airways aeroplane.

In the letter room, we visited the Himalayan mountains with the small world animals where hairy yaks and shy yeti’s live.

On Friday, there was a lot of laughter, hugs – and tears, as we wished Miss Tidey well on this exciting new chapter as she left us to start her maternity leave in preparation for the arrival of her baby girl. We all look forward to meeting Wren in the near future!