This week we focused on ‘Our Friends’. We discussed what friendship is and the many ways of showing kindness to each other.

We also focused on ‘Our Nursey School’. We discussed why we come to nursery and why is it important to learn new things. The children then shared what they liked learning at nursery, what their favourite topic is and why.

September is a very exciting time for those children who are starting big school! We read ‘Topsy and Tim Start School’ by Jean and Gareth Adamson, to prompt an open discussion encouraging the children to share details about their new schools, including uniform and school name.

In the number room the children enjoyed the calming activity of number four sensory play. We looked at how many objects made up four then went treasure hunting around the class to find four objects and searched for the hidden numeral.

There was a lot of excitement and cheering as the children took turns to play Snail’s Race. A game where the snails are the competitors in the race, not the children playing!

Under the stairs, our ‘nook’ became a village for the Playmobile people. The children constructed homes, vehicles and schools for all the residents, families and friends.

In the letter room the children had a wonderful time playing in the soil and unearthing creatures and objects beginning with the sound ‘s’. Outside, sandcastles were built and then gleefully flattened!

This week we started making decorations for our Queens Jubilee party on Friday 27th May.