This week we focused on ‘Our Families’. The children were introduced to the topic with the book, ‘Who’s in a Family?’ by Robert Skutch. They then took turns to share with the class how many people are in their family. We discussed the different names we call our family members and what special and fun things we do with them. Listening to their friends the children saw that not all families are the same, however, at the end of the day, a family consists of people who love us! As one child said, ‘I love Daddy the best, I love Mummy the most!’

We also focused on ‘Our Homes’. We talked about where we live, what the house number is, name of the road and the name of the city we live in. The children then shared what they love about their homes.

In the letter room the children furnished and refurnished the doll’s house, making a warm and inviting home for the dolls – and the odd ‘w’ for wolf.

In the number room we focused on the number three. We looked at the family from the Three Little Pigs and the three different homes they built. The children retold and made up their own versions of the fairy-tale using the story puppets.

There was a lot of laughter and imagination in both classes as the children constructed homes and a variety of structures with an assortment of Nursery’s building resources.

Under the stairs, our ‘nook’ became a building site. The children thoroughly enjoyed dressing up for the job and using all the relevant tools to build stable and at times, not so stable houses, for the little pigs.