This week we focused on ourselves. The children were invited to speak about themselves and what makes them unique, in front of their classes. During the week, we spoke about the importance of our own name. We looked at how we introduce ourselves and discussed what could we tell other people about ourselves? My name is… I am …years old. My favourite colour is…

We took turns to share our likes and dislikes and discussed the importance of respecting other people’s likes and dislikes. – If our friends say ‘no’ we need to stop!

In the letter room the children enjoyed sharing picnics with the teddy bears. Under the stairs, our ‘nook’ became a home where the children spent the week whipping up a feast to share with their friends, teachers and the ragdolls.

In the number room we focused on number one. The action song ‘One, finger, One Thumb Keeps Moving’, never fails to bring the classes to laughter!

After reading the heart-warming book, There’s Only One You, by Kathryn Heling, the children choose which cut-out person they wished to colour and decorate as themselves.

New vocabulary was introduced to describe our body and our appearance, such as the colour of our eyes, hair and skin. We are different and all unique!

We are bringing back ‘Show and Tell’. On Tuesdays, children are welcome to bring in something to do with the topic, letter or number of the week.