This week our texture is liquid, we focused on the topic of water and matching shapes. There was great excitement playing the feely bag game and guessing what shape was hidden inside. The children worked together searching for objects from around the classroom which matched the shapes.

The home corner was transformed into the ocean. There was laughter and deep conversation as the children created their own stories with the various sea creatures currently residing under the stairs.

In the letter room we focused on ‘r’ for rain. The children enjoyed ‘Incy Wincey Spider’ inspired waterplay with sieves, pipes and of course, spiders!

We ended the week conducting rain cloud experiments to introduce how and why rain falls from clouds.

We will finish the week celebrating Founders Day on Friday 4th March with the theme Under the Sea. Nursery will be transported deep down into the depths of the ocean, where everyone is invited to come dressed as a sea creature!