This week we focused on shapes and sizes. The children worked together sorting objects and games from around the classroom from biggest to smallest. We talked about sizes in our families and shared who was the tallest, who was smallest and who was slotted between. There was a lot of discussion and organisation as the children then sorted themselves by height in groups of five.

We had a creative week with the children retelling and re-enacting the fairy tale ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. The children thoroughly enjoyed creating their own versions in the story tray with the smallest size goat, the middle-sized goat and the biggest billy goat, and of course the grumpy troll!

Under the stairs they constructed bridges with blocks and planks for the goats to cross over in the ‘Paul Klee’s, Red Bridge’ inspired home corner.

In the letter room we learnt about volcanos. We had a very exciting time, with both a few nervous giggles and a fair amount of raucous laughter, as we experimented with bicarbonate of soda, red food colouring and white vinegar to see how a volcano looks when it erupts.

The veterinarian surgery was hugely popular. The vets were kept very busy with many poorly pets!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we read stories about love and took turns to share with the class who we love, who loves us and how we show love. Everyone decorated a heart to take home to give to someone special with a message of what love is to them.