Week 8

In Nursery we continued our autumn topic discovering what wild animals do in autumn and how they prepare for the winter season. This week we focused on animals that migrate, such as whales and Canada geese.

We were inspired by the book The Mitten by Jan Brett and enjoyed a week of creative role play. The children re-enacted the story playing in the snow home-corner with the eight animals and built homes for the small world woodland creatures with logs and stones. Using plastic needles, we threaded wool through, up, over and around our own mittens.

A lot of fun was had making mud pies with the soil and we enjoyed exploring pink treasures with tweezers, magnifying glasses and magnets.

Following the story ‘Mouse Count’ by Ellen Stoll Walsh, the children counted out and collected eight mice which were then caught by the hungry snake. However, the clever mice escaped and we recounted all eight of them to check they got home safely.

On Thursday we watched The Poppy Story, an introduction for early years explaining Remembrance Day and why we see people wearing poppies. We also listened to the charming story Anzac Ted, by Belinda Landsberry. The children each made a poppy for our poppy field display and were introduced to the beautiful poem Poppy, Poppy.

Poppy, Poppy

“Poppy, poppy, what do you say?

Please wear me on Remembrance Day.

Poppy, poppy, what do you tell?

Many soldiers in battle fell.

Poppy, poppy, what should we know?

That peace on Earth should grow, grow, grow.”