This week in Nursery we explored natural treasures such as acorns, conkers and pinecones that we find in the park, woods or even our gardens. The children enjoyed the sensory experience of sorting and counting these natural brown treasures.

We have had a fun week of creative role play, where we re-enacted and re-told the story of the Gruffalo, both under the stairs as well as in the sensory story tray. In the Nurses Station many ills were cured and bumps and scrapes were tended to.

Using plastic needles, we threaded wool through paper straws to make our own necklaces.

There was much excitement on Friday as we took the school bus from Brechin Place to Kensington Gardens for our autumn adventure. We searched and collected natural treasures that we found in the park, such as acorns, conkers, helicopters and leaves. The children looked for fallen seeds and fruits on the ground, naming and matching them with the corresponding trees that they came from – oak tree, horse chestnut, sycamore and London plane. The children enjoyed watching the squirrels digging in the ground and racing up the trees. We were all delighted to spot and wave to ‘Percy the Park Keeper’ as he drove around taking care of the park!

Next week we will be focusing on animals in autumn and how they prepare for the winter season.