This week we focused on the amazing insect honeybees.  We looked at the important roles the queen, drones and worker bees have in the hive. Though bees maybe small, they play a big role in keeping our planet healthy. We discussed the importance of bees and how they help fruit and vegetables grow through pollination. We spoke about the different things we can do to help the bees, as without them, many plants and creatures would disappear.

We had a fun filled week playing in the ‘beehive’ under the stairs, tending to the babies and keeping the hive tidy. The children enjoyed bees sensory play with beeswax and dried lavender.

It was a royal affair in the letter room with many queens and other members of royalty coming to visit. We discussed what jobs we thought Queen Elizabeth did at Buckingham Place and what we would do if we were queen for a day. We sang the national anthem, the most requested ‘q’ song of the week, and painted portraits of our Queen.

We finished the week getting very sticky spreading and eating delicious honey on rice cakes for snack. The children listened to Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov Flight of the Bumblebee’ and learnt the ‘wiggle dance’ that bees do to communicate to the other bees. Thankfully bees communicate this message well, our ‘bees’ on the other hand, were laughing so much that the directions to where the flowers were may have gotten a bit muddled!