We had a fun filled week learning about snails and slugs. This week we found a slug in the playground who we named Bernie and were given a garden snail we named Humphrey. We set up terrariums for them to enjoy their stay in Nursery. Humphrey and Bernie were very sociable gastropods, they seemed to be as curious of us as we were of them and thoroughly enjoyed the cucumber we gave them to snack on.

We had an exciting treat on Wednesday, Scarlett from year four kindly brought in her pet giant African land snail, Sebastian, to show Nursery. Sebastian is only five months old so has a bit of growing to do before he truly becomes a giant, however he was surprisingly heavy and like Bernie and Humphrey thoroughly enjoys eating cucumber too.

We had a creative week making collage snakes and snails. The children enjoyed playing with the sea creatures in the water trough and the circle sensory tray.