We have had a very exciting week in Nursery. On Tuesday two of the caterpillars made their way to the lid of the jar where they hung from silk, with some more looking like they will be following in due course. After the weekend we will carefully move them into the butterfly house for them to complete their metamorphosis.

This week we focused on spiders. The children explored the life cycle of these arachnids and we learnt that most spiders are completely harmless to humans. We discovered how important and helpful these eight-legged minibeasts are, feasting on the insects we consider pests.

The children thoroughly enjoyed playing with Incy Wincy and his friends in the water trough and the life cycle tray filled with an assortment of spiders, spiderlings, webs and eggs.

Under the stairs our ‘nook’ became the Three Bears’ home, the ultimate shapes and sizes story! The children thoroughly enjoyed retelling and re-enacting the original story and creating their own versions of the well-known fairy tale.

On Wednesday and Thursday, fun was had by all, both from spectators and participants during Nursery’s annual sports event. A big thank you to Miss Mulloy and Miss Tucker! It was wonderful having parents, grandparents and carers come and support the children.