This week we focused on nature’s composters; the earthworm. The children made their own worms with seven segments and enjoyed digging in the soil finding and collecting our minibeasts.

Under the stairs, they snuggled down with animals that either live or make their homes underground.

In the letter room we focused on the sound ‘v’. Volcanos were both created in art and in experiments using baking soda, red food colouring and vinegar. Those who wished, added the ingredients to our mountains then stood back to watch our volcanos erupt!

In the soil tray our dinosaurs roamed freely around and under the volcano in harmony, that was until the feathered velociraptor ventured out from the phonic treasure box and joined in the fun.

The veterinarian surgery was also very popular. The vets were kept busy with many poorly pets!

During the week we had a wonderful treat. Reception has been the home for a brood of ducklings that arrived and hatched only last week. We went up to visit the Reception classroom and those who wished were invited to gently hold these one-week old babies, while others who wanted to watch their friends with the ducklings were equally delighted by the experience.

Inside the children’s bags, there is something special they have made for their fathers. We wish you all a wonderful weekend celebrating fathers on Sunday!