This week we focused on the fairy tale ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’ by the Grimm Brothers. The children had a lot of fun in the cobbler’s workshop making and mending shoes, helped by eager elves.

Just like the elves in the story, the children decorated and stitched around a shoe with a plastic needle threaded with wool. The creativity continued with everyone ‘designing’ and cutting out paper clothes to dress themselves as helpful elves.

In the letter room we explored a ‘discovery nest’ full of baby creatures resting in eggs ready to hatch and be matched with their parents. It became a very popular corner, sparking many conversations, especially when the babies looked nothing like their parents!

We ended the week on a high – celebrating Founders Day, the school’s 70th anniversary, with an Olympic theme! The costumes were amazing and the day was enjoyed by all! The children enjoyed Olympic rings themed activities such as ring tossing, circle art and the wonderful sensory experience of coloured water beads.

We enjoyed a delicious feast of circle and ring-shaped sandwiches, hula hoops, party rings, mini rice cakes and fruit sliced into circles – we like to commit to a theme! During the festivities, everyone made an anniversary medal to take home.