“On the 10th May Glendower and Falkner House prepared themselves for a cricket match. On the Falkner House team there was Anaya, Evie, Helena, Calissa, Yasmina, Sammy, Cosima, Jackie and Charlotte. It was a thoroughly enjoyable match as everyone took a wicket or scored a boundary or stopped a boundary. Yasmina scored 10 runs in an over. Anaya bowled 2 wickets in an over. Cosima scored a boundary. Sammy scored a six. Helena scored 2 boundary’s. Evie scored a six too and Jackie, Calissa and Charlotte did amazing bowling! Glendower played extremely well and had very good sportsmanship. Luckily the match was just before the bad weather. After an hour of hard work the score was 34 to Glendower and 99 to Falkner House!” Anaya