Main School Admissions


Most boys join the Falkner House Reception class in the September following their fourth birthday.  During the year before entry, boys (including those in the Falkner House Nursery at Brechin Place) are called for an assessment. The staff work hard to make sure that this experience is both friendly and personal. We are looking for potential rather than attainment and we balance a wide range of factors before offering places. Our key objective is that your son should be successful and happy at Falkner House.

7+ and 8+

A small number of places may become available for boys wishing to join Falkner House in Years 3 or 4. In the Spring term, before entry in September, boys are called for an assessment and interview and have the opportunity to spend time with the relevant class.

Occasional Places

From time to time vacancies occur throughout the school and we always welcome enquiries from parents who would like their son to be considered for an ‘occasional’ place.


Places are offered as quickly as possible after the assessment process. We try to keep to a time scale in accordance with other preparatory schools to make it easier for parents to reach their final decision.


As part of our family ethos we support a sibling policy. However we do not always guarantee a sibling place and if we believe a brother will flourish more in another environment, we discuss the matter with parents.  We strongly recommend that parents with ‘younger brothers’ also register at a variety of schools as well as Falkner House.