Year 6 on the Assault Course

17th September 2020

“On Tuesday the 15th of September, Year 6 went on an assault course near surrey. The obstacle course was filled with monkey bars, wooden frames, tyres, bars, ropes and ramps, all built by Mark, who helped us complete the obstacle course.

We started off with a quick jog, and went straight into the obstacles. The first obstacle, was a low bridge with hard mud underneath it. To get to the other side, you had to crawl through on your knees and on your elbows. After that you had to run over a pit of tyres. If you stayed on the tires too long you would fall in, as it they were not fixed to the ground. After a few obstacles, was what looked like an impossible challenge, rolling through two rows of compact tyres with a small gap between them. But all of us trumped the challenge.

Following that, we jumped over high planks of wood and increase in height as we went along. After this activity we went on a rope and swung across two barrels we all imitated Tarzan and had a good laugh. To make things even more exciting , Miss Gardner and Miss Beckett joined in the fun. More rope fun came our way as we turned into sloths. We hung from a rope and only had our heels and hands to guide us to the middle where we had to drop down or we would never finish the course! At the end of each course we had to ring a bell.

We all thought that that was the most fun we could cram into one day, but of course when your at Falkner house, the fun never slows down, let alone stop. As we turned the corner we saw , what looked like rings. We had to hang from them and imitate monkeys, swinging all the way to the end of the line. Only Myra, Erin and Miss Gardner completed it. It was a tough challenge though. Speaking of rings, we then walked to another obstacle which included rings, ropes, bars etc. The only way to get across was to lie backwards and have our heels and hands in the equipment. Most people either lost one or both shoes.

Then came the classes favourite, the warped wall. On the first try only a couple of girls got to the top, but on the second try we all succeeded . Both Miss Gardner and Miss Beckett managed to speed up to the top as well. We all cheered for each other and supported our friends. Sadly came our last obstacle the z wall, which was, in a nutshell, a wooden frame in the shape of a z with small steps that you had to club across without touching the ground.

Then we finally ate, we were all sad to have ended the obstacle course but glad to fill our tummies in the shade. But then miss Gardner said we had enough time to do one last round of the warping wall. And of course with all the support we clambered up to the top.

Sadly, then we had to get back to school, although 1 hour and 15 minutes was rather long , we managed to entertain ourselves. A big thank you to miss Gardner, Miss becket and Mrs Rogers. Thank you !!!” Emilie and Myra