Year 3 trip to the Natural History Museum

11th October 2016

‘On Thursday Year 3 went to the Natural History Museum to look at teeth. It was really interesting because Year 3 went into this room where there were lots of fake and real animal skulls. My group got a pig and a gorilla. We had to try to work out what type of animal it was. Another group got a warthog. Our gorilla only had canines to scare away enemies. We had no idea what the pig was until the lady told us!’ Theodora

‘On Thursday 6th October Year 3 had a trip to the Natural History Museum. We looked at lots of different types of teeth and we got to describe how the teeth looked and what teeth they were. We also had to figure out what the animal ate when it was alive. We had a lot of fun listening to what our friends’ animals’ teeth were like and comparing them to ours. It was an amazing trip. We really enjoyed it!’ Sophia K