Year 3 Visit to the British Library

11th February 2019

On Thursday 8th February, Year 3 spent a very enjoyable morning at the Anglo-Saxon exhibition at the British Library.

First, we talked about how the Angles, Jutes and Saxons invaded Britain. Then we started walking through the British Library stepping every now and then to investigate some things such as a golden belt buckle, a medicine recipe, a sword, a pointer to read with (Alfred stone), an ashes pot, the first dictionary, an ashes protector, a wax tablet, a really, really big book and a cross about 18 feet high!!! Our guide asked us what we needed to make an Anglo-Saxon book. I came up with:

  • a bird’s feather
  • animal skin (most popular was calf skin)
  • ink
  • beeswax

Then we had to find out a riddle. Can you solve it?  Shadows shifting as I leave the earth and sky

My place is not on land; it’s not up high.

No-one else dreads his exile with such fears,

But I will cover the world with my tears.

What am I?

It was time to leave and go back to school. That was the end of the exciting day.Olivia’

(The answer to the riddle is a cloud.)